Monday, July 27, 2020

Lake Washington Boulevard Going Car-Free(ish)

Lake Washington Boulevard is going car-free(ish) again starting Friday and continuing until at least Labor Day.  The street is marked as closed to cars, though people can still drive on it if they are accessing a home (whether they live there, are visiting someone or are making a delivery or service call). While it’s not entirely closed to cars, but cars are very limited. People are allowed to walk in the street, which helps limit overcrowding on the skinny sidewalks and paths along the lake.

Reminder: Motorists must give bicycles 3 feet minimum while passing.

As of Jan. 1, 2020, Washington drivers must give cyclists and pedestrians three feet of space, or more, if passing them on the road.  Here’s what drivers need to know:

-If there are two or more lanes, drivers must move out of the right lane to pass a cyclist.
-If there is only one lane in each direction, drivers must slow down and give the cyclist at least three feet of space.
-If there is one lane in each direction, but not enough room to pass, the driver must move into oncoming traffic when safe to do so.