About NIM

Neighbors in Motion is a public charity (501.c.3) devoted to making cycling, walking and other forms of active transportation safer on Mercer Island.   

In 2010 NIM began to work with the city on developing a set of recommended safety practices for motorists, pedestrians, and cyclists to improve safety on Mercer Island roads.  These recommendations were adopted via a Proclamation by the City Council on April 2, 2012.  

Since then NIM has worked closely with the City, School District, King County, Sound Transit and WSDOT to improve bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure and planning.  

NIM is composed of residents of Mercer Island.  Those with an interest in supporting our efforts are always welcome.  Please email us at Info@NeighborsinMotion.org. 

Board members:
Mark Clausen
Kirk Griffin - Treasurer
Jeff Koontz
Bob Olson – Secretary
Jim Stanton – Board President

Contact Us

Google Group:  mi-cycling@googlegroups.com
Email:  Info@NeighborsinMotion.org

Media Coverage: