Thursday, August 16, 2018

MI Chip Sealing Update

Chip Sealing update
On Monday and Tuesday, chip seals were placed on 78th Ave (SE 34th to SE 39th), SE 53rd Place (ICW to EMW), EMW (SE 68th to WMW), and SE 68th/SE 70th Street (84th Ave to WMW).  Today, all of those locations were swept to pick up loose gravel.
Next week (Aug 20th), crews will return to fog seal all of these locations.  A fog seal is a thin coat of liquid asphalt which helps with chip adhesion.  It will also turn the road black.  Additional sweeping will occur ahead of the fog sealing (to pick up loose rock).  Fog seal needs time to dry, so crews will likely work in one- to two- block increments of a single lane, let it dry, and then move on.  I expect the fog sealing will take 4 to 5 days to complete all locations.
The week of Aug 27th we will install new pavement markings.  This will complete the project.
Depending on rock shedding, we may need to sweep the locations one more time in mid-September.
Clint Morris 
Street Engineer